Cubist Value Study - Hands

In this lesson you will learn how to render value using colored pencils.

  • 1

    Trace Hand 3 Times

    Students, trace your hand 3 times with pencil on your drawing paper. Overlap your hands and show all outlines.

  • 2

    Draw Four Lines Using Your Ruler

    Draw 4 lines using your ruler starting from one side of your paper going across to the other side. You will be breaking up the large shapes of your hands into smaller shapes. Most of the shapes will be organic but there could be some geometric shapes in there as well depending on where your lines go. The new lines you are drawing will go through the hand tracings.

  • 3

    Pick Four Colored Pencils

    Pick 4 colors from the colored pencil box ( any type of color scheme works here) and color each shape from dark to light. The goal here is to show a smooth transition from light to dark and dark to light.   You can figure out your own 'rule' for shading - for example, darkest towards the middle of the page or darkest towards the bottom.

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