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Summer Art Camp 2015 will be held in the Cafeteria at St. Pat's High School May 25 through May 29. There is a class limit to 25 kiddies in each class. Classes will likely fill up fast.  The days lesson's are taught by Tim ONeill and two student helpers. The cost is $50 per student and includes all materials and snacks for the week. Printable artcamp brochure

K-2 will meet M-F from 9 am to 11 am

3rd-5th will meet M-F from 1pm to 3pm

6th-8th will meet M-F from 3:30pm to 530pm

Following is the project breakdown.

  • K-2 Superstars

    Monday May 25-We will look at Prehistoric Cave Art rough era 3000 BC in France and Spain. Online video tour, create cave art, reflect and review, add art to portfolio.

    Tuesday May 26

    Schedule and lessons coming!


  • 3rd-5th Rock Starz

    Monday May 25-Egyptian Art, Hieroglyphics and Figurative Style. 3200-1000 BC. Where is Egypt? Write name and describe things they like using hieroglyphics. Reflect and review, put in portfolio.

    Tuesday May 26

    Schedule and lessons coming soon!

  • 6th-8th

    Monday May 25-Roman Art, Mosaics. 800-850 BC. Where is Italy? Create name or simple insect, flower or other image using mosaic techniques. Reflect and review, put in portfolio.

    Tuesday May 26-Renaissance Art, Leonardo DaVinci. 1400-1600 AD. Using a template they will recreate their own Mona Lisa. Emphasis on value created by light and hard pressure on the pastels.

    Schedule and lessons coming soon!

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    This is an area for us to post some of the work created in various workshops.  We will also try to post work on the specific workshop page. There is not a requirement that you allow it to go on the site but we would love to see you share it. We will open up comments via the wordpress comment system. To those commenting please keep it positive, negative comments are not helpful. The comments will be monitored and negative comments won’t be allowed on the page.

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