The courses presented here are intended for teachers and other adults who may want to expand there knowledge base in a specific area. They are all G rated. St. Patricks students, if you have an interest in any course listed here please speak to me directly so I can arrange access for you.

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    Geeks, Dorks, Dweebs and Nerds: An Artists Guide to Creativity

    Do you ever feel like you’re using the same, boring ideas over and over again? Do you ever get stuck, looking at the page and wondering what you can create that’s a little different? Or maybe you’re not able to come up with any ideas at all? If you have ever been in that situation this course is for you. Discover how you can make creative ideas flow endlessly from your mind Coming end of October 2014.

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    Evernote for the Classroom Teacher

    Evernote is an application that allows you to keep all of your to do lists (more like a to-do book), post-it notes and other reminders all in one easy to find and use location. This is an extremely popular application in the business world that is finally making its way to the world of educators. Evernote for the Classroom Teacher is a set of 4 step-by-step guides and 6 video tutorials that cover an introduction to the software, the basics of how to use it, different types of content you can add, and other powerful features of Evernote. Mid November 2014

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    A Teachers Guide to Pinterest

    Pinterest is still one of the fastest growing social media sites today. Awesome for us visual folk! This course will show you a variety of things you won't want to miss such as:
    setting up your Pinterest account, creating your profile, planning your boards and host of other information designed to get you onto Pinterest and pinning right away. Fall/Winter 2014

  • 4

    Attitude of Graditude

    Early 2015

  • 5

    Teachers Guide to Twitter

    coming Spring 2014

  • 6

    Teachers Guide to iPhone Moviemaking

    coming Spring 2014

Other Courses

I will be adding a variety of courses as time permits.  I have many courses already developed in the areas of photography and digital painting.