2015 Cross Country posters!

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  • Cross Country Posters

    I have wanted to create sports posters for one of the Irish teams for a few years. One of the areas my studio is known for is creative posters and paintings. When I had the opportunity to coach one of the things I knew I would do is work on a fun poster for the athletes. Below you will find samples of a few individual memory mate type posters as well as the team posters. A separate poster was made for Varsity and for Middle School. The individual memory mate has a poster in the back ground which meant I needed to also do another for Junior Varsity.

    These posters take about an hour each now that I have the templates made. They memory mates are available for purchase for $20 for an 8×10. I can also create keychains, magnets, as well as other sizes.  The team posters are actually built for a larger size of 18×24 or 2’x3′, I don’t have a price on those.