Tapering For Top Performance

As an athlete and coach I have found tapering to be an interesting concept and a challenge to do correctly.  Trying to peak for a specific meet without undermining ones hard training as a whole has always seemed to be a daunting task. With the opportunity to coach middle school and high school cross country I decided to research tapering again. Not much new research has been done since the last time I checked in the 1990’s but the research that is out there is now much easier to access.

After reading a dozen or so articles I chose this piece in the Sports Performance Bulletin as my favorite. While I only subscribed to the premium content for a year or two I found the information to be researched based and sound from my perspective. There are several little things I have gleaned from the Bulletin that I incorporate in my personal daily workout routines.  I think more importantly that many coaches and other technical writers echo some overall changes in training research that have surfaced over the last several years.

This taper will be what we use in cross country for Districts and State.  The taper will also work into next season as well provided I have a group of athletes that decide to train daily throughout the year. Here is the website and article again.

Sports Performance Bulletin-Tapering



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