Hermes Running Drills

  • Hermes Running Drills

    Hermes – Running Drills Outline
    1. A March/Skip Drill – up to 75 meters
    2. B March/Skip Drill – up to 75 meters
    3. Fast leg left and right – up to 100 meters
    4. Fast leg both – up to 100 meters
    5. G drill – 10 times each leg
    6. Straight leg bound – up to 100 meters
    7. Karaoke – up to 75 meters
    8. Bull taps – 10 times each leg
    Running drills are designed to mimic the specific characteristics of technically sound running form in short, compartmentalized sections. This includes upright posture of the core and upper body, proper carriage of the arms during the running stride, proper knee drive and leg action and the coordinated, dynamic balance associated with shifting weight from one leg to the other. In addition, drills help to develop the important proprioceptive (body awareness) abilities that a runner must have to deal with changes in terrain while running, and to “change gears” while training or racing.
    The exercises in this routine also strengthen the specific muscle groups needed for powerful running, especially the muscles of the feet, calves, shins, thighs and hips. The ankle, knee and hip joints undergo considerable flexion and extension during the running stride, and each of these joints is exercised through a similar or greater range of motion during the various drills
    The drills are performed slowly at first while developing a “feel” for proper technique, and proper technique is then gradually carried over to drills and runs carried out at faster speeds