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    Everyone else that is not a student, parent or art teacher I hope we will have something fun for you as well.  If you have interest in the arts or technology in general I believe there will be engaging content for your perusal. There is a section called rants that is basically on op ed area. This is a G rated site so it is an area you can feel comfortable delving into without wondering what might pop up. There are many art education sites, not all art is G rated. Not all art sites are G rated. There is nothing wrong with drawings, paintings, sculptures or photographs that beautifully showcase the human form but we wont have that material here.  I want this site to be okay for anyone, kindergarten through Grandma.

    At the very top of the logo there is a navigation bar that has links to a number of my other media sites.  My art studio website (in very bad need of updating), a magazine that I publish call Digital Art Creation Magazine (currently on hold since I have been teaching), and a Digital Art Summit that I produce and publish each year. Additionally there are links to my twitter and facebook pages. I am not very active on most social media sites these days unless there I have a product launch going on or some other business item that I need to broadcast. feel free to stop in at any of the locations. Communicate, let us know what you are thinking.

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