Kearney Running Festival 2016

Runners and Coaches from across the Country

Date : Saturday, July 23rd
Location : Kearney at Horizon Middle School, 3610 6th avenue
Cost : $20
Grades : Middle school or high school

Races include an entertaining, unique running competition called "The Eliminator," a brand new 400 meter repeat relay race for high schoolers, and an Open Mile. The kids can also take part with a Kids Pentathlon.

2016 EVENTS:

Kids Pentathlon

Girls High School 20x400m Relay

Boys High School 20x400m Relay

"See if you have what it takes" - Army Physical Fitness Test

Open Mile

Womens Eliminator

Mens Eliminator

What is the Eliminator? “The Eliminator” is a 20 lap competition, with brief rest after each 400m, in which the last athlete to cross the finish line of each lap is “eliminated” until only one runner is left standing. There are up to 21 runners per heat. It is an intriguing endurance competition with race strategy like you have never experienced. There will be prizes for each lap winner, as well as the overall winner. How far can you make it?

They will duplicate last years event and have at least three Eliminator races: one for women and two for men. Should there be enough interest from female athletes we would add a second heat for the ladies. This is truly an event for people of varying ability. Entries will be sorted with an "A" division for the faster runners and a "B" division for the others. The men's "B" heat last year included runners whose 5k times ranged from 19 minutes to 24 minutes. This is a first come, first serve event so don't wait to sign up.

Entry fee: $15 paid through Paypal from our registration form (no Paypal account necessary).

Entry Deadline is Sunday, July 17. Final heats will be published Monday, July 18.

Important Registration Information: Please include recent results and important running history to help them with heat assignments. Some of this information will also be used in the event program.


High School 400m Repeat Relay Race:

For the first time they are trying a high school only event. Relay teams of four will see which team can cover the distance of 20 laps (8k - approx. 5 miles) the quickest. Teams can run in any order they want as long as no runner runs two consecutive laps. High school students from the same school may compete together, but they must pay their own entry fees (cannot be paid for by school or coach NSAA rule), they cannot wear school issued uniforms and cannot compete under the name of their school. There will be separate boy and girl races.

Participants must be entering 9th - 12th grade in the fall of 2016. Teams may bring their own baton. We will also supply them for teams without their own.

Registration: Please register or direct questions about the event to or by calling (308) 224-4309.

Entry Fee: $20 per team paid at the track on race day.

Entry Deadline: Sunday, July 17.

There is also an open mile for MS or HS.