Varsity Letter Eligibility

Varsity letters are based on a point system as outlined below. This may change from year to year.

NOTE 2016 Season Points might be adjusted if Coach and AD find it to hard or to easy to letter


1. Summer Miles (June 1 - Aug. 18): 100 miles - 6 points, 150 - 8 points, 200 - 12 points, 250 – 15 points, 300 - 20 pts. (weekly logs keep online, ask coach)

2. Successfully Completing Summer Mileage Commitment:

Gold at least 100% of commitment (must run minimum 200 miles)- 20 points.

Silver at least 50% of commitment (must run minimum 100 miles)-10points

3. Seniority: completing one season - 2 points, completing two seasons - 4 points, completing 3 seasons – 8 points,  completing 4 seasons - 10 points.

4. PR’S: Two points are awarded for each Season PR and three points are awarded for each All-time PR. All-time PR points can only be awarded to team members who are in at least their second year on the team. Season PR starts with PR from last season for returning athletes.

5. Benchmarks: Points are awarded as follows for the athlete’s best time during the season.

BOYS                                                              GIRLS

under 19:00 – 10                                             under 21:00 - 10

19:00-19:59 - 9                                               21:00-21:59 – 9

20:00-20:59 - 8                                               22:00-22.59 – 8

21:00-21:59 - 7                                               23:00-23.59 – 7

22:00-22:59 - 6                                               24:00-24:59 - 6

23:00-23:59 - 5                                               25:00-25:59 - 5

24:00-24:59 - 4                                               26:00-26:59 - 4

25:00-25:59 - 3                                               27:00-27:59 - 3

6. Volunteering: One volunteering experience is mandatory for each team member. For each volunteer experience after that, two letter points will be awarded up to a maximum of 8. There are numerous opportunities to help the team, school or running community throughout the year.

7. Time Trial- 2 points for each of the top 4 runners and 1 point for #5-8.

8. Invitationals and SPVA

2 points for our top 4 times of the day

1 point for our #5-8 times of the day

4 points for finishing in the top 15 in the varsity race

2 points for finishing 16-25 in the varsity race

2 point for a top 10 finish in the JV race

1 point for our top five finishers in the JV race

9. Districts

2 points for running on the varsity in this race

8 points for finishing in the top 20

6 points for finishing 21-30

4 points for finishing 31-40

2 points for finishing 41-50

2 points for top 10 finish in the JV race

1 point for finishing #11-15 in the JV race

10. State Meet

2 points for qualifying and then running on the varsity in this race

12 points for finishing in the top 50

10 points for finishing 51-75

8 points for finishing 76-100

4 points for finishing 101-150


To earn a varsity letter, you must be at all meets (excluding State), barring extenuating or extraordinary circumstances. (If you are injured you still watch meets and practices, you are part of the team)

You will not be awarded a varsity letter if you have been found to be cutting and/or walking road loops, out and back runs or deemed not to be giving 100% effort.

Times in junior varsity races will be considered, so long as they are legitimate performances. Only times run in races contested on the same course as the varsity races will be considered for your points

You will not receive a varsity letter if you are not working your hardest and giving your fullest effort.

You must participate in varsity-level workouts in order to be considered for a varsity letter.



  • q-iconWill I earn a varsity letter if I come to practice everyday?

    Not necessarily. A varsity letter is not a certificate of participation. Giving varsity letters for coming to practice everyday would be analogous to naming students to the honor roll for having perfect attendance in school. A varsity letter is something to be earned, not something to be given. It needs to represent something. If everyone gets a varsity letter, a varsity letter won’t mean anything anymore.

  • q-iconWho keeps track of my performances?

    Coach O’Neill with the help of the student manager keeps the official records. Every effort is made to document your performances in every meet. This is done for numerous reasons. Most importantly, it is done to track your development. Meet results can be found elsewhere on this website.

  • q-iconWhat if the weather is bad on the day of the race or the course is muddy?

    In our sport everyone in the race has the same playing filed and conditions to deal with. The only area this could make a difference is points in the benchmark area. As there are 6-9 races in our season one race with poor conditions will not make a difference.

  • q-iconWill performances in junior-varsity events be considered?

    Your times will be considered regardless of the level of competition in which they were achieved

  • q-iconIs there a maximum number of letters that will be awarded?


  • q-iconIs there a minimum number of letters that will be awarded?


  • q-iconWhat if I earned a letter last fall?

    This has no bearing on whether you will earn a varsity letter this fall or not. You must earn your letter every season.

  • q-iconWhat if I earned a letter in winter track & field and/or spring track & field?

    This also has no bearing on whether you will earn a varsity letter this fall or not. Again, you must earn your letter every season specific to your effort and performance during that season.

  • q-iconWhat if I get injured during summer training or during the season?

    The awarding of a varsity letter will be at the discretion of the coaching staff. They will evaluate your development up to the point of your injury and determine if you would have earned a varsity letter. If you are injured while participating in another activity, such as a club sport, you may not be awarded a letter regardless of other factors.

  • q-iconWhat if I ran in the varsity race at a championship meet? Do I get a letter then?

    Not necessarily. At certain meets, we must run at least six runners in the varsity race before we can enter junior-varsity races. If we happen to have a season where we are riddled with injuries or are low in numbers we may be forced to enter junior varsity runners in the varsity race. You still must meet the aforementioned criteria to earn a varsity letter.

  • q-iconAm I guaranteed a varsity letter if the conditions above are met?

    No. Factors such as poor attendance, poor attitude and violations of team rules will weigh against your favor. You must be at practice and at the meets. The decision as to what qualifies as an excused absence rests with the coaches, not with the athletes. You must also do everything asked of you by the coaches. You must conduct yourself in the appropriate manner at all times, which includes working your hardest and being respectful to your teammates, coaches, opponents, and the officials. Please refer to the team rules, regulations, and guidelines.

  • q-iconHow do I earn a junior varsity certificate?

    This is done through attendance at and effort in both practices and meets. Signing up for the team does not guarantee that you will earn a junior varsity certificate. At the very least, you must be at practice, working your hardest, everyday.


  • q-iconWill the VARSITY LEVEL BENCHMARKS table be the same next fall?

    Not necessarily. The table will be re-evaluated every season.

  • q-iconWill the rest of the varsity letter requirements be the same next fall?

    Not necessarily. The letter requirements will be re-evaluated every season as well.