Nebraska 150 Assignment

March 1,  1867 Nebraska was the first State to join the Union after the Civil War. We will write a short paper and create an illustration to commemeorate our birthday.

Smith Falls, Valentine Nebraska

To view the person assigned to you click here for the PDF download.

  • 1

    Find the Person Your are Assigned to Write About (Due March 8)

    First download the Nebraska People list to see the person you are assigned to write about. There is a link below the blue boxes.

  • 2

    Read About Your Person (Due March 8)

    Read a little about your person. Write down:
    1- an interesting fact about them
    2-what they are know for or contributed to Nebraska history.
    3-What you will draw and paint to illustrate something about this person or their contribution.

  • 3

    Write Your Paper (Due March 15)

    Write a full two page paper that tells us about your person. Use properly formed paragraphs. This will be typed, double spaced using 12 Verdana or Calibri. Make sure your name, class, title of your paper and date are in the headings.

  • 4

    Create Your Illustration (Due March 15)

    You will create an original illustration that shows us something about your person or their contribution. The size of your illustration will be 9x12. It can be on any surface and can be completed using water color, colored pencil, marker, or acrylic. Full color value is expected.