Paper Layout Guidelines

Following are the guidelines for written papers for ANY of Mr. ONeills classes, art or speech. ALL written papers must be typed. No handwritten papers will be accepted. Margins: 1 inch Justification: Left Type font: Verdana Type size: 12 point Title headers: single spaced in this order Name (class), Assignment, your title Body of paper: …

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Informative Speech: Topic Paragraph

This project is broken down into two separate areas. First you will brainstorm for ideas and topics. After you have selected a topic you then will write a properly constructed paragraph of five to eight sentences that informs the audience about your informative speech topic. Use the classroom parameters for typewritten assignments. Follow the link…

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Goals for the Art Room 2014

As I have had time to reflect I thought I would look at a few goals that will impact the art room.  Entering my second year as a classroom teacher I find there are areas I really want to work to improve. 1-Involvment with NATA. I was fortunate enough to be elected as Treasurer to…

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