Poseidon Strength Routine

  • Poseidon Strength Outline

    1. Push ups x 20
    2. Reverse dips x 20
    3. Pike pushups x 20
    4. Diamond pushups x 20
    5. Chin ups x 20
    6. Supine hamstrings x 60 seconds
    7. Lunges x 15 each leg
    8. Wall squats x 20
    9. Lower Back Extensions x 20
    10. Planks x 60 seconds
    11. Pull ups x 20

    *1-2 min rest between all exercises

    Not only do many runners aspire to be better, well-rounded athletes, performing general strength exercises can help prevent injury and boost performance. Improving general strength helps with your running by ensuring you maintain proper form late in the race and addresses any weaknesses or imbalances you may have that are causing improper stride mechanics.
    This routine is designed to increase strength and also help you lose weight. You will not “bulk up” with this routine and you’ll increase fat burning while building lean muscle. Finally, this routine requires no gym and minimal space, so it’s ideal for those just starting out or those who travel frequently.