How to Draw Animals

Wohoo! Antonella Avogadro has a free download for a small booklet teaching you how to draw animals. How cool is that? I have to thank Bob at Empty Easel for alerting me to the download in the last issue of his Ezine. Antonella offers a straightforward approach to getting little critters to look nice in your sketchbook. Part of what is included in this booklet is:

  • How to draw a cat
  • How to draw a dog
  • How to draw tiny pets
  • How to draw a horse
  • And more!

There are seven animals included in the book. This is an online offer for a download, what does FREE mean? As you likely know free online most often means you are going to need to put in a legit email address to access the download.  This is a normal and perfectly acceptable “trade” for a resources that someone could sell. Often times valuable content like this is given away to build an email list and create a tribe of peeps with some common interests. In this case, wanting to learn how to draw. We have done the same thing in all of our blogs and websites and is the best way to build a list that you can share other content with in the future. So students, if you have an email be sure to make sure it is okay with your parents to join a mailing list.

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