September     Vocab  Unit One Quizlet

September     Vocab Unit Two Quizlet

October 1, 2014   Vocab Unit Three Quizlet

October 8, 2014  Vocab Unit Four Quizlet, and test one.

October 15, 2014, Chapter One quiz (covering the power point.)

October 22, 2014 Speech 9A Vocab Unit Five Quizlet and Unit 1

October 22, 2014 Speech 9B Vocab Unit Six Quizlet and Unit 2

November 5, 2014 Speech 9A Vocab Unit Six Quizlet and Unit 2

February 11, 2015 Speech 9A/B Vocab Unit Seven Quizlet, and Vocab Unit Three

February 18, 2015 Speech 9A/B Vocab Unit Eight Quizlet No review words this week


Other Assignments

October 8 watch the Chapter One power point

October 22, 9A/B Topic Paragraph

October 24 Informative Speech Outline  (Rough draft) Read through All of the Steps of the Informative Speech. Take notes, write down the steps. Keep them, you may need them Friday.

October 31, Revised Informative Speech Outline

November 5, Rough Draft: Introduction and first two transition statements

November 7, Rough Draft: Conclusion

December 10, Brown Bag Speech and Outline

??  watch the Chapter Two power point

February 6, Present Wedding Speech

February 25, Present Historical Speeches

March 4, Present Person I Most Admire Speech

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