Standard Warm-up

  • Standard Warm-up

    While there are a number of warmup routines that will work well this routine from Jason Fitzgerald at is what we will be using most of the time. If one adds Coach Jays Lunge Matrix and a short flexibility routine we have a very solid warm-up that also covers many aspects of injury prevention as well as hitting on a few of the five bio-motor abilities that are identified in US Track and Field Coaching Education guidelines.

    • Walking Deadlifts (Drinking Bird) – 10 reps.  Take a step forward with your left leg, bend down while keeping your left leg fairly straight and touch your left toes with both hands.  Keep your left leg slightly bent and your right leg parallel to the floor. Your right leg and your torso will be parallel to the floor.  Repeat on your other leg.
    • Knee Hugs – 10 reps.
    • Groiners – 20 reps.
    • Donkey Kicks – 10 reps.
    • Mountain Climbers – 20 reps with legs in, 20 reps with legs out.
    • Iron Cross – 10 reps.
    • Lunge Matrix – 2-10 reps per lunge type.
    • Leg Swings – 10 reps.
    • Lateral Leg Swings – 10 reps

    Dynamic Flexibility Routine One (10 times each or so)
    1-arms circles backward
    2-across the chest
    3- trunk twists (gentle)
    4-windmills (make sure not to rotate the trunk)
    5-Good Mornings
    6-Body Squats
    7-Iron Cross
    9-Shin Dance
    10-Leg Swings (front and side)