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I value your input and opinions. If there is content you would like to see, criticisms, complaints or to leave a nice word,  please hit me up by going to the contact page.

  • Local Workshops-North Platte

    Welcome to the workshops page. Here you will find the information about what Workshops might be coming this year.  Workshops are usually only put on the site a few months before registration is opened up.  If you see a workshop listed that doesn’t have a page link yet feel free to contact me.

    Summer Art Camp May 25-29, 2015


  • Online and Distance Learning Workshops

    There are a variety of workshops and schools that I teach at during the year.  Some years more than others depending on scheduling and time resources. This is where you will find the information on those out-of-town workshop as well as online webinars and workshops available.

  • Workshop Art and Comments

    This is an area for us to post some of the work created in various workshops.  We will also try to post work on the specific workshop page. There is not a requirement that you allow it to go on the site but we would love to see you share it. We will open up comments via the wordpress comment system. To those commenting please keep it positive, negative comments are not helpful. The comments will be monitored and negative comments won’t be allowed on the page.

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